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Samsara, a Sanskrit word, translates to the word journeying. Everything in this Universe is cyclical. It starts with a celebration, the birth of new beginnings and ends with a celebration, the experiences of our journey. And our commitment to life is to make the most of this journey of ours and grow through the experiences no matter how long or short. This is the Universal truth.

We learned this lesson recently when we came to part ways with our precious littlest daughter, Samsara who came into our lives only long enough to share a few chapters. But they were filled with so much hope, kindness, love, humility, joy, wholeness, excitement, gratitude, faith, laughter, strength, pain and a myriad of other strongest of human emotions. It was our hardest good-bye.

Our family was desperate to make sense of it and also find a way to continue to live this journey of ours. We found healing in our community that came through for us in so many small and big ways. Friends, family, church, place of work, acquaintances and complete strangers carried our family through while we struggled one day to another. Our hearts will forever be grateful.

We also sought healing in yoga, meditation, hiking, painting, dancing, music, gardening, cooking, photography and more. Each of these bridges and the sincere practice of teachers helped us reconnect our lives back.

From these experiences, a dream was born. We found ourselves a new purpose. To bring these various forms of collective healing arts under one roof. Our vision was set to bring together an ashram that would bring all of these everyday healing avenues to people to experience and nourish themselves from. Hence the birth of this experience studio Samsara's Studio that will strive towards getting the Ashram story together. Here we hope to give our community of people ways to engage themselves via workshops focussing on yoga, guided meditation, art, dance, music, photography, massage, reiki, marma, other healing arts and so much more. We also hope to grow through education this community of practitioners, more importantly helping make yoga, breath control and meditation as part of daily practice.

We are now committed to bringing together yoga, music, meditation and healing arts festival annually in the month of March (first weekend in Spring) in Enumclaw - Samsarafest . Our attempt is to bring this festival at no cost to families that are living out their lives after child-loss. Every ticket that we are able to sell to offset costs helps us invite a family in need to this event. Please reach out to us with your story and we will send you a full-festival family pass. Please email us at info@samsarafest.com. 

Lot of love and excitement is going into the planning of this event. We're talking yoga huts, meditation, sound bath, nature hikes, live-music, dancing, farm food, painting, photography, mindfulness talks, tiny home living, healing huts and more...

If you have a specialty or find a calling that you know is truly therapeutic and would like to volunteer, please reach out. We want to hear from you. We want to help promote wellness, mindfulness and wholesomeness.

Message us - info@samsarafest.com

Please also like and share our Facebook page and event to help us grow our community.

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What guides our mission...

Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community. 

Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it. 

Connecting through cohabitation and shared experience.