Introducing Kara McKay - Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Circle, and Ceremony guide

Getting to know Kara -

Kara is an ardent lover of movement, bodies, emotional intelligence, cosmic inquiry, and admitting that none of us really know what the heck we’re doing here, or what any of this is all about.

She has humbly (and other times not so humbly) facilitated Yoga, Dance, and Sacred Ceremony internationally for thousands of people for nearly 2 decades. She has been trained and mentored in the Wise Woman Tradition by a variety of powerful teachers and healers. Her most recent passion experiment is removing money from the spiritual equation, and setting the good stuff FREE. As fate would have it... the more you give, the more you get! (It’s not just a cliche after all.)

Each day she knows less, but trusts more. She is devoted to rocking the boat, breaking archaic rules, while assisting others in waking up from the amnesiac spell of the Matrix to realize and cultivate a stronger connection to the truth of their own divinity and humanity.

What Kara hopes to experience/take away from this festival? 

New friends, spreading the Love contagion, and being renewed by synergy of us all coming together in a focused festival.

Ways to connect with Kara -

We are so excited to have Kara with us at Samsarafest 2019!

Check back for her festival schedule!