Introducing Young Yogi's Rishi Burt & Areya Burt


There is gratitude and excitement to be sharing space with yogi’s of all ages. In 2019 we are beyond excited to welcome young yogi’s who have taken the time to find union through their own journey from grief of losing their sister Samsara and digging deep to find acceptance and meaning and purpose to do more in healing space.

In the summer of 2018 both Rishi (at age 12) and Areya (at age 10) completed their 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher training from an Ashram in Kerala, India. An honorary participant also included their toddler brother Bodhi. Following their study in yoga, Ayurveda and Kalari foundations, they went on to traveling across ashrams’s, yoga studios and temples throughout southern India reaching up to the western states. They immersed in different styles of yoga and meditation and pranayama practices guided by several teachers in their journeys which included Ramani Maharishi, Krishnamacharya Ashram, Pattabi Jois center, Andiappan Thirumoolar yoga, Isha Yoga, Aurobindo Ashram, Ramakrishna Math, Amma’s Ashram, Vivekanada mission, Chinmayananda Mission, Thirumandiram, Jithu Krishnamurthi, Osho, Kaivalya, Iyengar Memorial and so many other temples and institutions. Their inspiration was to understand what yoga means and how each of the styles are connected and help with overall well being meant for all.

Areya hopes to someday grow her early skills in incorporating yoga lessons with the use of sign language and reach those that are yet to be reached beyond sound. She also hopes to volunteer her time in community centers for kids and seniors to bring love for community connection through a shared yoga practice.

Rishi hopes to sequence practice sessions that can become part of anyone’s daily routine for different body types and constitution and lifestyles. He believes that a daily practice to connect body, mind and breath through yoga should become accessible and fun to all as an easy getaway. A daily disciplined practice should become easy for all to carve out.

Bodhi (at age 3) might join in during Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) rounds, OM chanting and is always up for any Asana challenge.

We are so excited for them to lead the opening session at Samsarafest 2019 on March 22nd and see where they take us in this shared practice.

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