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Samuel J, is an innovative singer songwriter, producer and conservationist. His unique music and soulful performances have helped him to establish a strong reputation with an ever-growing global fan base.

Some of his career highlights include, being selected to perform for his holiness the Dalai Lama (as part of the Dalai Lamas 70th birthday celebration) and performing at the Olympic and Paralympic games in London. He is the only Westerner to have performed for Amma the Hugging Saint.

Samuel's hard hitting performances have taken him around the globe. Already he has toured and shared the stage with the likes of Ben Harper, Michael Franti, Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter, Zero 7, Alice Russell, Jurassic 5 and an array of leading musicians in Brazil...

Many people identify with Samuel's incredible love and respect of all people and importance of nature which shine through in his music. As a result of his own fundraising, dedication, and volunteer efforts, his career has been supported by some of the world's greatest conservation platforms, including The Dalai Lama, Ocean Care, Greenpeace, and Sea Shepherd.

Samuel has been raising funds and awareness for Sea Shepherd and Ocean Care for a number of years and works continuously in their expeditions, at schools and through his music to amplify the positive impact of their work. His award winning, ‘Brasil Live Project' is helping underprivileged children across Brazil.

Samuel’s best works are coming out this year in his big launch album 'Into The Light'. The album, featuring orchestras and several world renowned producers looks set to take the world by storm.


The precious story of Samsarafest inspired me to share my story through my music as a yogi and conservationist that has journeyed the highs and lows of life and the human condition. I hope to through my music inspire those that attend Samsarafest to reach within and give their all to positive impact in our New Earth way of being with all their hearts. May music light the way.

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I hope to experience the beauty and joy of making new friends, inspiring others to purpose and passion by my example and continuing to plant the seeds of co-creating through positive projects in the conservation world as well as our collective well-being.

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May music light the way

May music light the way

May music light the way