Meet Yoga Teacher - Kesha Beethe


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Meet Kesha... a bright, bubbly, and full of life country girl originally from Nebraska, a place where doors are left unlocked and you're welcomed with open arms. Kesha gives that exact same feeling when you walk into her class - that feeling of home, a place you can be your most authentic self and are encouraged to create a practice and life you love. While Kesha's background is in exercise science and overall health, her practice and beliefs are rooted in laughter and love. You are sure to leave her class feeling both accomplished and inspired.


I love the idea of Samsarafest; I used to be a part of yoga festivals back in the midwest and I think this is so fun! I love and get a lot of energy from teaching yoga to large groups of people.

Reaching for

Meet new people + provide an unforgettable experience for all who attend/want them to come back again next year!


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Power Flow: This class will begin with pranayama (breath work) and intention-setting. We will dive into a dynamic warm up and core work with a powerful flow making up the body of the class. We will wind down with yin postures and a peaceful shavasana. You can expect an inspiring theme and fun playlist to groove to during class with integrity and creativity encouraged!

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