Welcoming back the lovely duo - DJ Drez & Marti Nikko


DJ Drez & Marti Nikko

If you’re a fan of Drez, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the mysterious, seductive voice of Marti Nikko gracing dozens of the albums, tracks and remixes he’s released over his prolific career. Nikko’s innate spark illuminates Explorers of Infinity. Her soul-soaked vocals dance and play in the spaces impeccably arranged by DJ Drez, highlighting a natural chemistry developed and enhanced through years of performing, living and loving together. The result is a beautiful, eclectic collection of music made for all sacred movement and moods. In addition to making music, Marti teaches yoga and pilates in Los Angeles where she and Drez live and love their 13-year-old son and their baby girl.


DJ Drez

DJ Drez is a sound pioneer. With an ear for cutting edge sonic ambiance, a finger on the pulse of music that makes bodies move, and the vision and skill to obliterate genre and boundary with his own trademark sound and production, Drez has skyrocketed to international acclaim from the dancehall to the yoga shala.

DJ Drez’s music has been moving bodies for more than two decades. His sound is an organic blend of mystical hip-hop, reggae roots and Indian raga that has been known to instigate an ecstatic dance party one instant, and soothe a group into a meditative savasana the next.


Marti Nikko

A truly gifted teacher, Marti is known for motivating her students through her own passion. Fully certified in Yoga and the Pilates Method, and having worked in the fitness industry for the past 13 years, she teaches from a deep understanding of movement dynamics and the body. Keeping students engaged using unique modifications and variations to the classic repertoire, her sessions encourage focus and concentration. She continually supports her desires to learn new methods and her ability to help one find strength and ease through practice. She takes master workshops each year and believes in the deep healing power of yoga for all. It is her desire to create space that allows for greater depth, awareness and overall wellbeing in one’s practice.

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We are so excited that both DJ Drez and the lovely Marti Nikko will be returning back to SAMSARAFEST story!

Check back for their schedule and classes…The immersions are being developed and will include yoga & kirtan and also amazing tunes in the evening and we promise you a beautiful time.


There may be some hugging, some crying, some stillness, some journaling, some talking, some circles...if you choose to participate.

BUT there will also be a lot of play and celebration and human connection. Inspiration and creativity drawing from the depth and beauty of being human will come together for experiencing positivity & healing.

We're talking yoga village, healing huts, nature immersion, live music, adventure activities, several hands-on workshops, inspiring talks, fire circles, Ayurveda teachings, drum circles, Farm to table foods, inspiring vendors...beautiful & honest immersion planned with great love & care by a team of incredible giving teachers and artists working together to raise consciousness and the vibration of this community for a soul nourishing getaway tucked in nature.

Our story is sincere. The festival has a basic canvas but put together for an honest immersion. No matter where you are in your journey there is something special for you to experience at SAMSARAFEST.


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Dates - March 21st - March 24th, 2019

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Come JOIN THIS STORY with us. 


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