Welcoming back Reiki Intuitive Healer - Darlene D Thomas


About Me

Kundalini Reiki Master.
Reiki/Intuitive Healing Practitioner
Animal communicator
Distant Healings with mini reading.
Certified Spiritual Healer since 2001


I have been Attuned to Usui Reiki since 2001, was born an Intuitive healer.  I work with my guides as well as yours to remove blockages and clear chakras...you get a mini reading at the end of what all I seen/felt and picked up as I work on you....♥ 
Our natural state of being is wellness and ease. Dis-Ease originates from imbalances within the energetic fields of one's being resulting in fatigue, mental and emotional stress, pain and illness. Energy Healing can bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Returning you to harmony and ease.
I work with you to balance any imbalances in your body, auric field or chakra's  and my goal is to bring you into alignment and understanding of your Divine Self.

What is Reiki? 
Reiki is a system of energy healing founded by Dr. Usui in Japan around the turn of the twentieth century. It means "universal life force energy" and does not require the client to ascribe to any belief system in order for it to work.

In Reiki, a healing energy comes through (not from) the practitioner's hands and into the client, providing relaxation, relief from pain, and subtle but profound healing of the mind, body and spirit. . I have seen it work on headaches, backaches, depression and other ailments. It is not a substitute for good medical care or diagnosis, but it can be an invaluable aid in treating all manner of ailments, as well as their underlying spiritual or mental causes.

I often will see your guides during the treatments and as an intuitive I pick up messages for you and this is part of the Reiki/Intuitive healing session. 

it is my life's joy to help empower you to remember your purpose in this life and to see your own true light and divinity. Healing isn't about fixing anything, it's about awakening to the knowing we have always been whole & Divine.

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