Hannah Talbot, the amazing yoga/barre/meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, workshop leader, and tribe gatherer!

About Me

My business is called Tribe Life Events and I do personally curated yoga parties, as well as workshops/gatherings throughout the greater Seattle area.  I also have The Mindfulness Project for the workplace where I teach mindfulness to teams and business in the area.  I teach yoga, barre, meditation and of course am a reiki practitioner.

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My Inspiration
I saw the event last year but could not attend, it looked AMAZING! I love that this kind of epic gathering was so close to home, the connection and feeling of Tribe is what came through to me and I said I gotta get me some of that!

Creating & Holding a space for all
Finding Balance in the Energetic Body -

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An introduction into the Chakras Learn how to balance and ground your body's own energy system. Breakdown the qualities of each of the 7 Chakras in a way that you can apply to your everyday life. You will learn specific tools such as mudras, mantras, asanas, meditations and essential oils to recalibrate imbalances and blockages.

The importance of Ritual -

Discuss what it is and why it is important to us as humans, discuss several practical ways on how to incorporate it into your everyday life.


Introduction into meditation -

Ever wanted to start a meditation practice? Or tried only to feel totally defeated and like you were doing it all wrong? Join Hannah for an interactive discussion on how to start your own mindfulness and meditation practice. She will walk you through the common pitfalls and misconceptions, while giving you tools to feel empowered and ready to start your own meditation journey. You will also enjoy a gentle guided group meditation, perfect for beginners. Give yourself the gift of mindfulness this year and start 2019 with this simple yet profound practice.

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We are so excited to have her with us at Samsarafest 2019! Check back for the spring festival schedule.


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