Holding space for you to come and flow and have fun is Gina Bourgeois

Fun & Flowy space with Gina

Fun & Flowy space with Gina

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About Me

Nature loving, Animal loving, wife and mother to 3 sons and a collection of fur babies. Southern California born & raised, my husband and I chose the PacNW to put down roots and raise a family in 1992. 

My Yoga Journey
I first fell in love with yoga in 2009. It became my solace as my mother battled cancer, that spot I could go and completely turn off my phone and my mind and tune into my breath. After she passed away my passion for yoga grew. I complete my first 100 hrs of training in Nov 2010 with Amazing Yoga and then returned again to complete my 200 hrs in Feb 2013. 

Creating & Holding a space for all
In 2011, Kirsten and I created Yoga Culture, a beautiful space, full of love, nestled at the base of Mt Rainier in Enumclaw, WA. It has been an amazing journey full of growth, laughter, friendship and community.. all with an awesome soundtrack. 

I appreciate the time our yogis take out during their busy lives to come practice, to breathe, to turn off the outside & tune in to themselves. I believe yoga is an opportunity for you get you out of your head and into your body by connecting to your breath thru movement

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About the classes
My classes are full of breath, twisting and balance, designed to be fun & flowy with space for you to challenge yourself whether you are new to the yoga experience or a seasoned yogi.
Come flow with me.


Vinyasa Slow Flow

Hold space for a slow flowing Vinyasa class in partnership with Kirsten Hougland and Live music offered by Jess Morse. We will end with a series of restorative postures.

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Flower Crown Workshop

I will guide you through your unique creations of spring flower crowns. Ready your crowns before the opening ceremony ..

We are so excited to have Gina with us at Samsarafest 2019! Check back for the spring festival schedule.