Introducing creative movement teacher, Hilary Paris

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About Me

Hilary Paris is a yoga teacher and Certifed MovNat© Trainer based out of Seattle, WA. She started teaching "Random Acts of Yoga" on the streets in 2007 while co leading a mobile tour for lululemon and Luna Bar. She started strength coaching a few years later, but quickly became bored of counting reps. This lead her to MovNat, or Natural Movement, which brings a sense of playfulness, freedom and creativity to the "workout." Hilary's classes are FUN, judgement-free and always different. They will leave you feeling challenged and refreshed. Hilary is also mom of two boys and she enjoys playing with them every day. While she is not coaching her clients or teaching classes, she leads women's wellness retreats through her company NourishYou.

My Inspiration

I immediately connected with Lax (the founder) and her family's story of Samsara. I felt empowered to spread the word about loss, demystify and educate myself more on the subject.


My Classes

Hilary brings a creative and natural twist to movement and yoga. Her classes Move Outside the Box, From the Ground UP, and Nature Gym will challenge your perception of your yoga practice. No more playing small. Think BIG. Rather than linear movements, you will explore movement with 360 Degree Vision. Our bodies are made of beautiful curves, so you will work with them and venture outside the lines of our yoga mats. Inspired by Mother Nature and Animals, we will move into natural movement skills which may include: walking/running, getting up off the ground, rolling, balancing, crawling, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, jumping and climbing. Based on our environment, Hilary will choose a few of these skills and (possibly some sticks, rocks and logs) to form a fun “combo.” We will end with stretching and earthing, and give thanks to Mother Nature for her resources. Be prepared to work with each other, play and let go of your ego. No yoga mat necessary. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!

We are so excited to have her with us at Samsarafest 2019! Check back for her festival schedule!

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