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Get to Know

Hi my name is Ryan Thompson. My journey through life’s many twisting curves ups and down has led me here and now; to continue to learn and teach methods to impact a positive evolution in consciousness and mindfulness towards practical methods of being to support this conscious healthy state of mind. Which can effect all parts of our lives and the environment. I bring my love, joy, compassion and gratitude to my classes to create a safe environment for people to open up to their true authentic selfs through the 8 limbs of yoga. To be focused but also to dance, sing and open up the space for authentic self expression. My hope is for people to leave my class inspired to live a life full of happiness, compassion, love and gratitude and take the practice in their daily lives and give them the tools to continue to find their balance in a hectic world full of distractions and suffering.

My personal practice is constantly evolving, but my specialty is mindful vinyasa flow, focused on breathing and Kundalini. An expansion of various methods and techniques I’ve learned. It combines traditional poses, series, and sequences with playfulness. I am constantly and consistently seeking to expand my knowledge base through workshops, trainings, reading materials, and other sources.

To further my training and practice I attended Alchemy of Yoga RYT200 Training Program. An in depth Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour training with Silvia Mordini of Alchemy of Yoga. This training taught me the eight limbs of yoga, wave theory and teaching in kramas, intelligent sequencing, anatomy of yoga, the yoga sutras, the specific details of teaching over 60 of the most common poses and hundreds of other poses, the chakras, the yamas and niyamas, and much more. But, ultimately, this training exposed me to a deeper understanding of who I am and my purpose. The course empowered me to realize my potential possibilities and set me further on my path to being a positive impact on the world surrounding me.


My Inspiration

After a truly inspirational and magical experience last year I met my partner and learned so much about myself and the direction I want my life to go. Samsarafest inspired me to deepen my learning in healing myself and aiding other people in the process of yoga. I learned so much from everyone there I took what gems connected and use many tools learned in my daily practice!


Reaching In

Opening myself further to meet new people make lasting connections and learn more about how to stay balanced healthy and heal obstacles in my life and learn methods in my development as a teacher and facilitator of yoga.

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IG: @rybo.yogi

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