Jen Luton and her alaskan born tie dye!

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About Me -

Jen Luton owns and operates Drunken Forest Tie Dye based in Alaska. Jen loves to be creative, travel, and enjoy all the beauty in the world.

Inspiration to join the Samsarafest story -

I was drawn to this event and spent a long time trying to design a workshop that would fit in well with Samsarafest. I know art is a powerful therapy and am looking for more ways to share my art, connect with people and expose myself to new and different ways to heal and experience life.

Reaching In -

I hope to get out of my comfort zone and tune in to myself in a new way. I will be attending this event with 3 women in my family that I love very much, I am excited to share this with them and bond.

Connect with me -

Samsaras Studio