get involved...

Would you like to part of this journey? Come join us. This event cannot be realized without the support of our volunteers, sponsors, vendors and community of fellow supporters.

For general questions, feedback, ideas or words of inspiration, email us

The many practitioners and volunteers who have already come to support us, has only encouraged this mission forward..

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We are always looking to collaborate with other like-minded emerging businesses that bring something authentic to the festival experience.

Some Set-up & perks:

  • 10’ x 10’ booth/ black pipe & drape
  • Electricity – 1 outlet per 10x10 space
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Corner Booth Premium
  • Festival ticket
  • Website logo & link
  • Facebook intro
  • Vendor Spotlight
  • Workshop opportunities


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We need sponsors who are interested in tying their brands/businesses with what we are trying to create here in this festival. If you would like to help us with sponsorships or give us leads, please do send us some love at

Some Sponsorship themes:

  • Welcome packet merchandise
  • Website logo & link
  • Facebook intro
  • T-Shirt logo
  • Wristband logo
  • Sponsor spotlight wall
  • Gratitude wall
  • Event Schedule
  • Banners
  • Dinner courses
  • Workshop events
  • Vendor booth
  • Activity room sponsorship
  • Sponsor call-outs/mentions
  • Easy Talk & One-on-One Workshops
  • Festival ticket


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Yoga teachers...artisans...workshop teachers...healing arts or bodywork practitioner...musician/ musicians (instruments/singers/DJ's)...landscape photographers...would love to share your the company of others, ping us. We care about your sincere practice and your ability to lead a transformational experience for those who join us at this festival.

If you have a specialty or find a calling that you know is truly therapeutic, please share your story with us.

Sound techs, leads, marketers, logistics decorators, chefs and the list is endless.

If anything goes and you would like to help whatever role, get chatting...

We need you...We cannot make it without your spirit of volunteerism...This first year event is heavily driven by folks dedicating their time in exchange for festival experience. We commit to foster every relationship with great care and nurture it as we continue to grow year after year.